Guitar Lesson: “We Will Rock You” by Queen

Few rock & roll songs are as iconic and universally known as “We Will Rock You” by Queen. Every school kid knows how to stomp-stomp-clap on the gym bleachers as the masses chant along. This song works splendidly for a newbie guitar player to learn to transition between three chords in a changing chord progression. […]

Fingerstyle Lesson: “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Songs by Lynyrd Skynyrd are deceptive; they seem simple when first learning the rhythm guitar parts, but they have layers like an onion. And, like an onion, they often make folks cry as they work through them! “Simple Man” is a basic three-chord song with a monotonously repetitive chord progression. Much like it’s more famous […]

3 Things for Every New Student

Sixty Second Instructor: Transitioning New Students

As soon as you begin teaching music, you will gain students who once took lessons from another instructor. Helping those students transition well is very important to their success with you. Clarifying expectations, defining the student’s “Why?” statement and helping the student set some goals will create an environment that will cause the student to […]

Preparing for Transition Students

Start Every New Student With These 3 Things

Don’t Be Intimidated by a Self-Teaching Student!

How to Set Up Skype for Lessons

When using Skype for live video lessons, you need to complete the following steps to make sure you are ready to rock: Download Skype for your computer. Go to and download the appropriate version of Skype for your computer. You can also use Skype on a variety of mobile devices with the same account […]

Considering Live Video Lessons?

The Internet has changed the way we learn. Want to build a guitar from a cigar box? No problem. Get clever with your coffee? Easy-peasy. Build an awesome LEGO car? Just listen to the master. Yes, you can even learn to play an instrument via the World Wide Web. There is a growing community of […]

10 Tips for Your First Class

This is a precursory lesson that should be consulted when launching any music class. Congratulations, instructor! You have worked hard to plan and promote a guitar class… and it worked! You will soon have as many as twelve aspiring guitarist sitting before you, eager to learn all you have to teach about this super-cool instrument. […]

Chord Voicing and Layering

Sometimes the same old chords get… well, boring. Every guitar player can pick up an axe and hammer away at G, C and D in first position. When you sit around the campfire with your pickin’ and grinnin’ friends, spice up your strumming by layering the chords with different voicings. What is voicing? Have you […]

Introduction to Keys

Did you have a set of plastic building blocks as a kid? Every box has a picture of a super cool project on the front – maybe a house or a robot or a motorcycle. When you open the box and dump the pieces on the floor, you realize that there are WAY more blocks […]

Why Bother with Barre Chords?

Its reputation precedes it. Even non-guitarists are aware of its legend. You don’t want to meet it in a dark alley and you definitely do not want to get on its bad side. It will torture you, make you question everything you thought you knew and drive you to the edge of quitting. It is […]

Navigating the Fretboard

Have you ever gotten lost? Maybe as a little kid you found yourself separated from your parents in a store. What a horrible feeling to look up and realize that you are lost in a sea of clothes racks and mannequins. What about the first day at a new school? Do you remember the fear […]

Intro to the Chromatic Scale

The most basic scale is the chromatic scale. It is made of twelve notes that are a half step apart. The chromatic scale, beginning with E, is: E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#. You can easily play a chromatic scale on the guitar by starting with an open string […]