How to Read & Write Strum Notation

Playing rhythm guitar means playing a pattern of strokes known as a strum pattern. This pattern repeats itself throughout the song and often remains unchanged. However, it is not uncommon for different sections of a song to have different strum patterns. Rhythm guitarist can determine the strum pattern of a song through a series of […]

Amazing Grace

The paramount Christian hymn, “Amazing Grace” was written by John Newton and published in 1779. The story of the song’s origins is quite interesting. Most folks, even if they do not share the Christian faith, are familiar with this iconic melody. The song is written in three-four time, though most people try to force it […]

Time Signatures: The Big 3

Signatures are important. Think about the significance of signatures in history. We know about John Hancock because of his gargantuan signature on the Declaration of Independence. A baseball that was signed by Babe Ruth is extraordinarily valuable. Signatures are important in our daily lives, too. The bank won’t cash a check that hasn’t been signed. […]

How to Choose a Strum Pattern

Rhythm can be a tricky thing for beginner guitar students. Some people have a natural internal sense of rhythm; others struggle to stay on beat. For those who are naturals at rhythm, determining strum patterns can be a simple task. However, those who fight with the down beat can also learn how to pair a […]