Fingerstyle Lesson: “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Songs by Lynyrd Skynyrd are deceptive; they seem simple when first learning the rhythm guitar parts, but they have layers like an onion. And, like an onion, they often make folks cry as they work through them! “Simple Man” is a basic three-chord song with a monotonously repetitive chord progression. Much like it’s more famous […]

Intro to Note Time Values

Whole note = four beats Half note = two beats Quarter note = one beat Eighth note = 1/2 a beat Sixteenth note = 1/4 a beat

Tonic Notes, Bass Notes and Inverted Chords

Tonic note = note that gives its name to the chord; foundational pitch upon which the chord is built Bass note = lowest note in the chord The tonic note will never change and often serves as the bass note in the chord. However, the chord can be built where a note other than the […]

Changing Time with The Beatles

Across The Universe   Two of Us   Here Comes the Sun   We Can Work it Out   All You Need is Love