teachingericMy name is Eric and I have taught a lot of music students over the years. I began teaching guitar, bass and drum lessons in 2001 as a side-gig to my youth ministry job. Over the years, my student roster grew and I eventually opened a music school/coffee shop combo business. I ran the music school for seven years and employed as many as six instructors at a time, managing a roster of about 200 students. I have taught private lessons, semi-private groups, classes, afterschool programs, youth group worship bands, and classroom music for both public and private schools. I have had students of all ages and backgrounds: toddlers to retirees, beautiful folks with special needs, successful professionals, and even those who barely spoke English.

I have found that a quality music learning environment can lead students to learn a lot of great life lessons… like goal setting, diligence, focus, time management and personal growth. It really is more than just music lessons.

LessonNotebook.com has lots of videos and blog-style articles that I’ve written about what I teach and how I teach. It literally is the online version of my lesson notebook; I have used it to organize my best content for my own use as well as for my students and my instructors. Now I’m making these resources available to you! Whether you want to learn to play guitar or to teach it, I hope that LessonNotebook.com will be a blessing to you in your journey.

You will find a LOT of free content here. Just browse around and see what will help you reach your goals. You will see that I have online courses and curriculum for sale. Anything I put up for sale is content that I have used over and over again, taught in private lessons, developed for summer camps, etc. This is the content that I’ve used to make my living for years and years. It’s good stuff and it works.

Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks for checking out LessonNotebook.com!